Lydia Graham was born in Providence, RI. Her parents reside in Framingham, MA. Her adult children are also in MA.

Six years of freelancing (2012 to 2018) as a self-taught marketing expert lead this dynamic woman to finish her BA degree in Business Communications at Southern NH University.

Now with a focus on Digital Marketing, Video Production and New Media, in December 2018 she started Graham Virtual Marketing Solutions.

In 2020 Lydia Graham decided that a new day needed a new solution. In March 2020 she started persuing collaborative partners. Her partners are located in Connecticut and Indiana. There are 16 professionals in all.

This was an intelligent & well thought out move; one that yielded immediate and lucrative results. With skill sets that range from SEO, SMM, PPC Analysis, Logos, Brand Development, Web Development, Video Production, Content Strategists, WordPress expertise, and more, 2020 is looking really good.

The goal is to have a successful Virtual Marketing agency in 2021 and they are on the right path with clients spanning across the U.S.

Lydia Graham and her team work with small to large corporations, Non Profits, as well as minority constituents. Call today for a free consultation via Zoom. (203) 701 - 9115.


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